How Tight a Cat Collar Should Be? (in 2024)

How Tight a Cat Collar Should Be?

Knowing how tight a cat collar should be isn’t just about their comfort; it’s also really important for keeping them safe and making sure features like the breakaway buckle work well. Usually, I check that the collar is tight enough so it doesn’t swing loosely, but I avoid making it too tight to avoid any … Read more

7 Best Calming Collar for Cat in 2024

Best Calming Collar for cat

When my cat is feeling anxious, I notice they express it in various ways. I might see them meowing a lot, grooming excessively, hiding, peeing outside their litter box, or even getting into fights with other cats at home. It’s not a pleasant experience for my cat, and it can be quite frustrating for me, … Read more

Why is My Cat So Jumpy All of a Sudden? (2024 Overview)

Why is My Cat So Jumpy All of a Sudden?

If you’ve got a cat like mine, you’ve surely witnessed those adorable moments when they get all jumpy, scared, or startled. It’s undeniably cute, right? But what’s even more fascinating is uncovering the reasons behind their quirky behavior. Have you ever pondered, “Why is my cat so jumpy?” Well, here’s the scoop: loud noises, especially … Read more