What Type of Cat is Garfield? Possible Options in 2024

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Garfield, the timeless comic strip character crafted by the ingenious mind of Jim Davis, has etched himself into the hearts of millions with his larger-than-life personality and an insatiable craving for lasagna.

Yet, amidst the laughter spurred by his humorous antics and clever retorts, a lingering question persists among fans: What breed of cat is Garfield?

While the comics and animated adaptations have left this detail intentionally ambiguous, enthusiasts and feline aficionados have eagerly speculated on the possibilities.

In this deep dive, we embark on a journey into the realm of Garfield’s feline identity, meticulously considering various breeds that resonate with his appearance, temperament, and undeniable charm.

Join us as we unravel the enigma behind the breed of one of pop culture’s most iconic cats.

Exploring Garfield’s Universe:

This exploration offers an immersive dive into the world of Garfield, a beloved character whose presence extends far beyond the confines of comic strips.

Delving into a plethora of literature, media adaptations, and merchandise, enthusiasts are treated to a comprehensive dossier detailing myriad aspects of Garfield’s persona and life.

From fundamental details like his male gender and enigmatic age to his noteworthy weightiness, readers gain insight into the intricacies of Garfield’s world.

The colorful cast of characters surrounding him, from the hapless Odie to the elusive Arlene, adds depth to Garfield’s narrative, while his signature pastimes—indulging in lasagna, catching up on sleep, and teasing his companions—underscore his quintessential Garfieldness.

As readers immerse themselves in Garfield’s pet peeves, such as his aversion to Mondays and diets, they find themselves empathizing with his relatable quirks. And who could forget his distinctive appearance?

With fiery orange fur adorned with bold black stripes, pointed ears, and those iconic wide eyes framed by giant eyelids, Garfield’s image springs vividly to mind.

Exploring Garfield's Universe

Insights from Jim Davis:

Jim Davis, the mastermind behind Garfield’s creation, offers invaluable insights into the character’s genesis and evolution. While no single statement definitively addresses Garfield’s breed, Davis’s reflections illuminate the character’s conception and growth.

Drawing from personal encounters with cats and keen observations of human-pet dynamics, Davis infuses Garfield with universal themes like food, laziness, and the whimsical interactions between pets and their owners.

Davis emphasizes the character’s evolution since his debut in 1978, underscoring the importance of staying relevant while remaining true to Garfield’s core values.

Grateful for Garfield’s widespread impact on popular culture, Davis celebrates the joy of bringing laughter to millions worldwide through comics, television, and other media.

Exploring Possible Breeds:

American Shorthair:

This breed is known for its medium to large size, muscular build, and rounded head with full cheeks. American Shorthairs often have dense, short coats that come in a variety of colors and patterns, including orange tabby.

Their expressive eyes and friendly demeanor make them popular pets, and their physical attributes bear a resemblance to Garfield’s iconic appearance.

Learn more about other cat breeds with distinctive characteristics at Cat Breeds with Big Round Eyes.

American Shorthair cat

Exotic Shorthair:

Bred to resemble the Persian cat but with a shorter, more manageable coat, Exotic Shorthairs have a similar build to their Persian relatives, with a stocky body, round head, and large, expressive eyes.

While they come in a variety of colors and patterns, including orange tabby, their distinct facial features and plush, dense fur can evoke comparisons to Garfield.

British Shorthair:

Known for their compact, muscular bodies and round faces, British Shorthairs have a distinctive appearance that resembles a teddy bear.

While they are more commonly seen in blue or gray colors, they can also come in orange tabby variations that share similarities with Garfield’s coloring.

Their laid-back temperament and affectionate nature add to their charm.

British Shorthair Cat


Munchkin cats are characterized by their short legs, round faces, and playful personalities. While their short stature sets them apart, their facial features, including their wide-set eyes and rounded ears, can bear resemblance to Garfield.

Munchkins come in various colors and patterns, including orange tabby, which further enhances the comparison.


Domestic Shorthair/Mixed Breed:

Domestic shorthair cats, often referred to as “moggies,” encompass a wide range of cats with diverse appearances. Many domestic shorthairs share traits with specific breeds, including round faces, expressive eyes, and orange tabby coloring, making them prime candidates for comparisons to Garfield.

These cats can vary widely in size, shape, and temperament, but their shared characteristics with Garfield contribute to the association.

By highlighting the specific physical attributes and temperamental traits of each breed, we gain a better understanding of why they are often compared to Garfield.

Whether through their orange tabby coloring, round faces, or playful personalities, these breeds capture the essence of everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving feline.

Garfield Cat Breeds Tend To Gain Weight Easily

Garfield, the famous orange tabby, has quite the reputation for his insatiable appetite, especially when it comes to his all-time favorite dish, lasagna. However, his love for food can sometimes lead to overeating.

Explore more about maintaining a healthy weight for your cat at What Is the Strongest Cat Breed?.

It’s essential to be mindful of his eating habits because larger-framed cats, like Garfield, are more prone to obesity. When cats become overweight, it can trigger various health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and a reduced life expectancy.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for Garfield’s overall well-being.

One way to achieve this is by establishing a routine and portion-controlled meal schedule. By feeding Garfield consistent meals with the right amount of food, you can help him manage his weight more effectively.

Additionally, incorporating interactive playtime into Garfield’s daily routine is beneficial. Engaging him in activities that stimulate both his body and mind can help him burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Whether it’s chasing a feather toy or pouncing on a laser pointer, interactive playtime not only keeps Garfield physically active but also strengthens his joints, bones, and muscles.

By combining a balanced diet with regular exercise, you can ensure that Garfield stays healthy, happy, and in tip-top shape for years to come.

Garfield Cat Breeds Tend To Gain Weight Easily

What reasons could lead someone to think that Garfield might be a Persian Tabby Cat?

The question “Why could Garfield possibly be a Persian Tabby Cat?” implies a speculation about Garfield’s possible breed. Let’s break it down:


Refers to the famous cartoon character, a fat, lazy, and sarcastic orange cat created by Jim Davis.

Persian Tabby Cat:

This refers to a specific breed or type of cat. “Persian” typically describes a long-haired breed known for its luxurious coat and distinctive facial features, such as a round face and short muzzle.

“Tabby” refers to a coat pattern characterized by stripes, swirls, or spots. So, the question is asking why Garfield might be considered to have traits or characteristics similar to those of a Persian Tabby Cat.

Here are a few possible reasons:

Persian Tabby Cat

Physical Attributes:

Persian cats are known for their distinct appearance, including their long, luxurious fur and round faces. While Garfield is typically depicted with short fur, his coloration and markings could resemble those of a tabby cat.

Tabby patterns often feature stripes, swirls, or spots, which could be reflected in Garfield’s orange coat.


Persians are renowned for their gentle and affectionate nature, often enjoying a relaxed lifestyle indoors. Similarly, Garfield’s laid-back attitude and love for lounging around the house align with these traits.

While he may be lazy and indifferent at times, he also shows moments of affection towards his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and his teddy bear, Pooky.

Dietary Habits:

Persian cats may have specific dietary needs due to their long fur and predisposition to certain health issues, such as dental problems. Garfield’s obsession with food, particularly lasagna, could be seen as a humorous exaggeration of a cat’s natural inclination towards eating and indulgence.

Persian cat Dietary Habits

Health Considerations:

Persian cats are prone to certain health conditions, including respiratory problems due to their flat faces (brachycephalic features) and polycystic kidney disease.

While Garfield’s health issues are not explicitly tied to any specific breed, his battles with obesity and related complications, such as diabetes, could parallel the health concerns faced by larger-framed cats like Persians.

By considering these aspects, we can explore the similarities and differences between Garfield and Persian Tabby Cats, offering insights into both the fictional character and the real-life breed.

Facts about Garfield

This excerpt outlines various facts about Garfield, the iconic cartoon cat created by Jim Davis:

Facts about Garfield


Garfield has several hobbies, including eating lasagna, sleeping, and tormenting his canine companion, Odie. These activities are central to his character and often featured in the comic strips and animated series.

Pet Peeves:

Garfield has a long list of things that irritate him or he dislikes. These include Mondays, which he famously despises, as well as other living things (aside from himself and his owner, Jon Arbuckle).

He also dislikes RX-2, the talking scale, raisins, diets (likely because they interfere with his love for lasagna), and spiders.


Garfield is visually distinctive with his orange fur adorned with black stripes on his back. He has large, expressive, round eyes that convey a range of emotions, from mischief to contentment. His ears are pointed, adding to his expressive facial features.

These facts encapsulate key aspects of Garfield’s character, including his interests, dislikes, and physical appearance, which have endeared him to audiences worldwide for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breed is Garfield?

Garfield’s specific breed has never been explicitly stated in the comics or animated adaptations. However, enthusiasts have speculated on various breeds that align with his appearance and personality traits.

Why is Garfield’s breed not mentioned?

Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, intentionally left his character’s breed unspecified to allow for a broader appeal and to maintain the character’s universality.

By not tying Garfield to a specific breed, Davis ensured that readers from diverse backgrounds could relate to the character.

What are the main characteristics of Garfield’s appearance?

Garfield is typically depicted as an orange tabby cat with black stripes, pointy ears, and large expressive eyes. He has a notably large and round physique, characteristic of a well-fed housecat. Garfield’s appearance has become iconic and instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.

Does Garfield’s behavior match any specific breed traits?

Garfield’s behavior, such as his love for lasagna, disdain for Mondays, and penchant for napping, aligns more with universal cat characteristics rather than specific breed traits.

His personality traits, such as his laziness and sarcastic wit, resonate with cat owners across different breeds.

Are there any cat breeds that resemble Garfield?

While no breed perfectly matches Garfield’s appearance, several breeds share similarities, including the American Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, British Shorthair, Munchkin, and Domestic Shorthair/Mixed Breed cats.

These breeds may share physical characteristics or temperamental traits with Garfield.

Is Garfield based on a real cat?

Garfield was partially inspired by Jim Davis’s own experiences with cats, observations of cat behavior, and interactions between cats and their owners.

However, Garfield is a fictional character created for entertainment purposes. Davis crafted Garfield to embody relatable aspects of cat behavior and human emotions.

Why is Garfield’s breed a topic of interest among fans?

Garfield’s breed sparks curiosity among fans due to his iconic status in popular culture and his distinctive appearance. Speculating on his breed adds an extra layer of fun and engagement for enthusiasts who enjoy delving into the details of Garfield’s character.

Does Garfield’s breed affect his personality in the comics?

Garfield’s personality is primarily shaped by his character traits, such as his laziness, sarcasm, and love for food, rather than any specific breed characteristics.

While certain breeds may exhibit traits similar to Garfield’s behavior, his personality is universal and relatable to cat owners of various breeds.

Is there a definitive answer to Garfield’s breed?

No, there is no definitive answer, as Jim Davis has intentionally left Garfield’s breed ambiguous. The character’s appeal lies in his relatable personality rather than his breed classification.

Davis’s decision to keep Garfield’s breed open to interpretation allows fans to continue speculating and engaging with the character in imaginative ways.


Wrapping things up, figuring out exactly what breed Garfield is, the famous comic strip cat, is like trying to catch a slippery fish—it’s not easy!

Even though Garfield’s breed isn’t explicitly mentioned, he looks a lot like several kinds of cats with orange fur, round faces, and big, expressive eyes.

Some possible matches could be the American Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, British Shorthair, Munchkin, or just your regular mixed-breed cat.

Each of these types of cats shares something in common with Garfield, whether it’s his fluffy orange fur or his love for getting into trouble.

But you know what? The mystery of Garfield’s breed adds to his charm. It’s like finding a little bit of Garfield in any cat that’s orange with stripes, has a round face, and enjoys relaxing and eating lasagna.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what breed Garfield is. What makes him special is how much we love his funny quirks, his silly antics, and his lovable personality.

As one of the most famous comic strip characters ever, Garfield continues to make people laugh all around the world. So, even though we might not know for sure what breed he is, one thing is clear—Garfield’s impact on making us smile is huge!

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